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This is a work in progress.

This initiative is an opportunity to set a competency-based standard so that new harmonica service providers can become competitive in the market based on their repair skills rather than marketing gimmicks.

- For the customer, this is to be an affordable way to get harps repaired by a service provider who works by a set of guidelines to ensure a consistent result. You should get what you pay for.

- For the freelancer, this is to be a way to find new customers and put in workbench time to build up their skills and reputation while being supported or mentored by the rest of the group.

- For mentors, this is to be a way to contribute to the community and foster a high standard of service as well as assert a leadership role.

To get this initiative started, some established service providers need to come forward and express the desire to be part of this. As well, some discussion needs to take place. At this time, established Harmonica Service Providers who have an interest in seeing this initiative succeed are welcomed to log in and join the conversation.

To promote frank, free and honest discussion during the planning stages, these conversations will not be made public. Thank you for your understanding. Watch this space on social media for updates.

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