Version 8.10

The 8.10 version of the very best Free-Libre Open-Source data recovery software toolkit based on Ubuntu is out.

This release of Ubuntu-Rescue-Remix features up-to-date versions of the most powerful free/libre open-source data recovery software including GNU ddrescue version 1.9.


You can download it here:


md5sum ef32541cb6f33dbe9840a9bc56e7cb27  ubuntu-rescue-remix-8.10.iso



A premade usb image is also available here:


md5sum 3f74a97faced716aba51baaa048f2303  rescue-remix-8.10.gz

To write the image to a usb drive, insert the usb drive, determine the device's name and run the following command:

zcat rescue-remix-8.10.gz | sudo tee /dev/sdXx >/dev/null

Where "Xx" is the appropriate device (for example /dev/sdc1). Be careful since it will erase the filesystem on the device's partition! You can partition the device any way you like. The rescue-remix USB version occupies 200 Megabytes of disk space on the drive. The partition to which you write it should be set as bootable and an MBR should be written to the device.

Alternatively, the image can be written to the entire USB drive (Example /dev/sdc) for simplicity. This avoids having to partiion the drive or set up an MBR. However, you will not be able to use the remaining space on the drive.


For help on recovering your lost data, visit the community documentation Data Recovery page, or ask on the ubuntu-rescue-remix forums.