Need fast recovery settings for ddrescue

Hello andrew,

I have a damaged drive that is nearly full with music files (mp3s). It belongs to a DJ and I need to get his files back quickly. The drive is 500GB is size. The drives (damaged and recovery) are connected to the computer via USB adapters.

What settings or parameters would you use when issuing the ddrescue command for this task? Assume the drive has lots of sector errors and that most of the files are 4-10 MB in size.

I need to pull an image quickly so I can start Photorec on it and get back the MP3s. I ran ddrescue for two days with the following command, but only have 4GB so far. As a test, I ran Photorec against the partial recovery image and got back lots of working MP3s. So the data is definitely intact, it's just going very slowly.

My command
sudo ddrescue -v -d -n /dev/Damaged_Drive /Media/Recovery_Drive/image.img /Media/Recovery_Drive/image.log

Also, this morning I checked on the recovery process to discover the following message:

ddrescue: write error: File too large

Any ideas? Please tell me how I can make a quick image? At this rate it could take longer than a month.

Hi James. I assume the

Hi James.

I assume the destination drive is formatted with a FAT filesystem.

You need to use a filesystem that supports files that are bigger than 4Gigs. I use ext3, but you can also use NTFS. Trying to create an image file that is 500Gigs large on a FAT filesystem will not work.

I hope this helps.

(I answered you on the bug-ddrescue mailing list, too...)

That solved the write

That solved the write error.

Sorry for posting to the mailing list and to your forum. I anticipated I might get a double-reply from you. So my apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. But I figured the info is useful for the mailing list audience and for visitors to your site.

You were definitely right about the recovery drive being FAT32. I formatted it to NTFS and started over yesterday. As of this morning, I'm up to over 30GB for the image file.

But I'm worried about the drive failing entirely before ddrescue has a chance to get to the remainder/bulk of the 500GB damaged drive. How would you construct the command to complete the recovery task as quickly as possible?

Also, I'm confused by the "-i", "-s", and "-t" options. I've read what's in the manual, but I still do not understand. Especially the truncate option. What does this mean?

Thanks again and I look forward to your answers!

This is the best I can find....