How to determine which Device for USB Hard Drive


I have a 3.5" HD that I want to run ddrescue against for recovery. I'm using a laptop as my recovery computer. I have the damaged hard drive connected externally to my laptop via an IDE-to-USB adapter.

When I boot Ubuntu 8.04, the damaged drive does not appear on my desktop. I only see 'USB Drive' in the section for Computer, under the Places menu. When I double-click it, I get an error that it will not mount. Also, when I view Properties on the drive, everything is blank.

How do I determine which Device corresponds to this damaged drive (/dev/hda, /dev/sda, etc.)? I need to feed ddrescue this information for recovery. I typed "sudo fdisk -l -u /dev/sda" into Terminal. The results are for my laptop's hard drive. I also typed "gedit /etc/fstab" into Terminal. Again, I believe the results are only for my laptop's hard drive.

Please advise. How to identify the device to use for a damaged drive connected via USB.

Many thanks!

You can boot the

You can boot the rescue-remix and run

tail -f /var/log/messages

and then plug in your device. As the kernel detects the hardware, the device should be shown in the messages that appear on the screen. Press CTRL-C to get back to the prompt.

If the hardware is damaged and the kernel cannot communicate with the drive, then no device will be assigned to the drive.

You can also display drives with the following commands:

sudo lshw -C disk -short


cat /proc/partitions

I hope this helps.