Partial Ubuntu install

I have a jam to get out of. My windows crashed and I decided to install Ubuntu (to hell with the games my kids like). I have two physically seperate drives. I started to format one drive and wasn't paying attention. I have a great amount of my children's baby pics on that drive. I aborted the install and can't mount the drive as it is half formatted. It was originally NTSC. I NEED to get those pics back or my wife will kill me (when she finds out). Help me please!

You can use photorec to file

You can use photorec to file carve the photos from that drive. You should be able to get a significant amount of them back.

You can use TestDisk to

You can use TestDisk to recover the old partition structure and then take an image with DD. Finally you can use Autopsy to carve the files, or even TestDisk.

Andrea Lazzarotto