Data Recovery from NTFS Partition

I have Laptop with SATA HDD installed with VISTA OS. I lost some files mp3 and JPEG files from hdd. How could i recover the files. I downloaded ubuntu-rescue-remix version 10.04

How did you lose them? Did

How did you lose them? Did you delete them or did the drive fail?

it is deleted

it is deleted

You could use ntfsundelete.

You could use ntfsundelete. I would try photorec, though. It may be easier to use.

Just cd to a directory where you want to save the recovered files. Run photorec on the partition. Select filetypes and unselect everything but MP3 and JPG. Then tell it to only use unallocated space (not Whole Drive)

You can then use jhead to rename the jpegs and any tag tool to rename the MP3s.