Repartitioned NTFS

Hi, a friend of mine just came to me with a 500GB SATA HD which had the following happen to it:

He had a few ntfs partitions with data on them on the drive
While installing winXP on a different drive the installer repartitioned the 500GB disk to one large 500GB ntfs partition and did a quickformat.

So now i'm wondering, what would be the best way to get at least his critical (i.e. his thesis) data off this drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You could try testdisk. It

You could try testdisk. It can recovery lost partitions.

Parted also has a rescue option - it can revocer lost partitions, too.

If you can recovery a few partitions and add them to the partition table, you can try mounting them. If that fails, you may try fixing them (ntfsfix or windows utilities)

If that fails, you can still use file carving software like foremost or photorec to recover files on the drive (without a filesystem).

Thanks, testdisk worked

Thanks, testdisk worked the last 3 of 4 partitions back and it turned out the first one only contained installed games without their savegames, so there's no need to restore that one at all.