ddrecue see only 1 error and no data recovery

Okay, I have a 2TB WD drive that I knocked over in a portable caddy :(

It's formatted as NTFS, I can see the drive under URR (sudo lshw -C disk -short and cat /dev/partitions)but cannot under Windows I went out and bought another Seagate 2TB and am attempting to run ddrescue to recover the 1.2Tb of data that I know is on there.

boot media is CD rom
faulty drive is sdb
new drive is sda.

after formatting the new drive and mounting it, I have used the following command to run ddrescue from the recovery directory on the new drive.

sudo ddrescue -r 3 /dev/sdb image log

Immediately it comes up and says that there is 1 error of 2TB

Rescued 0B Errsize 2TB
Errors 1
IPOS 1099 GB
OPOS 1099 GB

Current Rate 0 B/s
Average Rate 0 B/s
Time from last successful read 1.7hrs

It appears to be doing something but I don't understand what is going on..any ideas please?



Hi Paul. I think you just

Hi Paul.

I think you just can't the the drive to put out any data. There is nothing that ddrescue can do about it since this is a hardware problem.

You can try your luck and use a different interface - have you tried taking the bad drive out of its enclosure and either hooking it up directly or using another USB enclosure?