XP drive (MFT?) corrupted: Recovery needed with Ubuntu rescue remix


After hibernating my Dell laptop, and powering it back up it blue screened...XP says do a chkdsk on it...safe mode didn't work, "last good configuration" using F8 didn't work...so I set it up as a "slave/secondary drive" as a "d:/" drive.

then I chkdsk d:/....it fails after doing some corrections chkdsk d: /f does something then fails after doing some corrections...and then the drive is gone from "My Computer" totally. It comes and goes on "My computer"...but only shows up as d:/ with no files on it...XP says "please insert a drive into D:/" as if D:/ was a DVD drive.

I buy a better USB dock...and now it stills shows as D:/ was a DVD drive(please insert a drive into D:/"
So Help desk tells me do a quick format on d:/ which i do...and now I have a formatted d:/ drive which XP says healthy under "My Computer"...

Looking for the next step...Files are still there(from trial 3rd party recovery tools like recuva...I couldn't get recuva to work completely), but I want to use Ubuntu Rescue Remix.

How do I put things back the way they were...how do i rebuild the MFT file(i'm assuming this file holds all the file names and folders for the drive)...Its a healthy drive, as far as I can tell.........

How can i use Ubuntu Rescue Remix to recover to a good drive from the corrupted one?

Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi. It sounds like the drive


It sounds like the drive has hardware problems and is unreliable. I would never recommend running chkdisk on such a drive, nor formatting it!

There is no way rebuild the MFT. I would only expect to get back data using file-carving.

I would image the drive before doing anything else. You will not be able to read the drive reliably to file-carve so you need to image the drive and work off the image.

I would suggest using Gnu ddrescue to make the image and then photorec to pull files from the image.