I would like to retrieve recorded videos to DVD hard disk. I have it connected via USB but in '/ media' does not appear.

In 'Disk Utility' appears:
Model: WDC WD25 00BB-55RDA0
Serial Number: 0
Firmware Version: 20.0
Worldwide name (WWN): -
Location: -
Device: / dev / sdb
Write buffer: -
Ratio of rotation: -
Capacity: 250 GB (250,059,349,504). Connection: USB to 480.0 MB / s
Partitioned: Not partitioned. SMART Status: Not Implemented

In Gparted appears: / dev / sdb (232.88 GB) partition, file system, not assigned.
Device Information:
Model: WDC WD25 00BB-55RDA0
Size: 232.88 GB
Path: / dev / sdb
Disk label type: Unknown
Headers: 255
Sectors / track: 63
Cylinders: 30401
Total Sectors: 488392065

Is it possible to retrieve the recorded videos using Ubuntu-Rescue-Remix?

I don't have enough

I don't have enough information to work with.

How were the videos recorded onto the disk? What was used to do it?