stop automatic mounting?

Hi all.

ubuntu tries to automaticly mount my defect harddrive when I startup the ubuntu rescue remix.

this causes read/io errors on startup and i dont think that its that great for the disk... to top it off one of the partitons is mounted as ?swap? how can i deactivate this on startup?

thanks in advance.

Are you running the Remix

Are you running the Remix from the live disk or cd or as part of an Ubuntu Desktop. Booting it from the basic console-only system doesn't start the automounter - or at least it shouldn't.

If you have the Desktop installed, the filesystems will be mounted at boot time. If you are able to connect your drive through a USB interface, you can always switch to a virtual console (CTRL-ALT-F1) kill the desktop and plug in your drive.

Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

I am running the remix from

I am running the remix from a usb stick. and the harddrive that I am creating an image from is connected via sata. At the moment I am calling "swapoff -a" as soon as I get to the console... It a bit of a bummer cause I am gettin a lot ok I/O errors on startup as the drive it trying to get mounted...

The I/O errors may just be

The I/O errors may just be from the Sata interface and not actual mounting of the filesystem. Can you try a different interface? I usually have success with a USB to SATA interface. You can try to hotplug either the SATA side or the usb side. You only need to get it to power up and be recognised once.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I tried using a USB interface, but the disk is really in a bad state and the ddrescue script stops reading after a few mb. I have to cancel [strg] + [c] it and restart the harddisk which is quite a hassel... Running ddrescue directly on SATA lets me recover ~100+mb before this happens. I havent been able to get hotplugin working for sata which results in me having to reboot the rescue-remix (from usb)...

I deactivated "quiet mode" in the syslinux loader and see that my defect disk is trying to be mounted in the init-premount scripts (as cd & swap). After ~2minutes I can do a swapon -s and see that one of the partitions is mounted a a swap drive...

swapoff helps me a bit, but I think that hotswaping the sata drive is the way to go... will have to read up on the best way to do this...