sudo chntpw -u Gere SAM does not work


I connected my Windows 7-partition with sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows. Then I changed to the directory /mnt/windows/Windows/System32/config. I tried to delete my forgotten password with sudo chntpw -u Gere SAM but the password was not deleted.

ubuntu@ubuntu ~ $ cd /
ubuntu@ubuntu / $ cd mnt
ubuntu@ubuntu /mnt $ sudo mkdir windows
ubuntu@ubuntu /mnt $ cd windows
ubuntu@ubuntu /mnt/windows $ sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/windows
ubuntu@ubuntu /mnt/windows $ cd Windows/System32/config
ubuntu@ubuntu /mnt/windows/Windows/System32/config $ sudo chntpw -u Gere SAM


---- User Edit Menu:
1 - Clear (blank) user password
2 - Edit (set new) user password (careful with this on XP or Vista)
3 - Promote user (make user an administrator)
(4 - Unlock and enable user account) [seems unlocked already]
q - Quit editing user, back to user select
Select: [quit] > 1

After select 1 Enter Password cleared does not appear.
After rebooting into Windows 7 password is not cleared.

What is the reason for this?


From the CHNTPW

From the CHNTPW FAQ:

It seems to change the password, but Windows won't agree.

* My code wasn't that great after all. (it didn't change or changed in the wrong place. The V struct is still marked "here be dragons..")
* Try blanking the password instead (menu selection 1), this may straighten things out. In fact, reports indicate: BLANKING RECOMMENDED!
* If it still won't work, see the previous solution.
* Blanking will probably be the only option in newer releases.
* Note that you must quit out of the user name select with ! which is usually SHIFT 1
* .. and then select to quit, then answer y when it asks to write / save back the changes...
* .. else nothing will be written.
* Seems like too many people just reset the machine after selecting to reset the password, without doing the save..

Does any of this help?

I have an XP partition

I have an XP partition mounted on /media/System and Ubuntu 10.10 and chntpw does not save any changes, no errors what so ever. Even blanking the password is not working. If I go interactive mode and type in the username to blank the password it seem to accept it (though XP still won't accept the change) but I could not quit by using an exclamation mark. Please help.