Failing recovery- Source drive not responsive


So I've been trying to recover data from a knackered hard drive (1.5tb, external drive used on Mac OSX) and transfer it all to an identical hard disk (when using "sudo lshw -C disk -short" AND "cat /proc/partitions", the new drive shows up, but not the knackered drive.

This broken drive doesn't appear to be powered even though when it's plugged in (using SATA data and power cable) it does seem to operate briefly before giving up.

Naturally, this isn't very helpful and I have no idea how to 'stabilise' the broken drive so I can actually transfer the data to the empty drive.

Any ideas? Need any more info? Am I doomed to lose nearly 1tb of data?

Thanks in advance.

There is no software that

There is no software that can fix a hardware problem.

The drive has to been powered on and seen by the computer for the data to be recovered. I can't offer you any solutions to your issue. Sorry.